Welcome to BeagleBox

The BeagleBox is a motherboard and chassis for a BeagleBone CPU board.  There are many accessory “cape” boards that normally plug on top of the BeagleBone CPU.  The BeagleBox takes a different approach.  The BeagleBox was designed in a more conventional horizontal form factor, like a traditional motherboard.  The BeagleBone plugs in to the motherboard and takes its power from the built-in switching power supply.  Several I/O signals are routed to interface electronics and connectors to provide easy interfacing to the outside world.  

The board provides a built in DC power supply capable of  taking any DC voltage from 7 - 30 VDC and powering your BeagleBone CPU board.  The four UART’s are routed through level shifters and brought out to convenient connectors.  Two DB9 connectors for RS232, one Xbee for RF modules and one combo Xbee and RJ45 that support RS485 and power over common ethernet cable.  There is a socket for our optional audio CODEC and a socket for PIC based HamStack microcontroller boards and Arduino compatible shields.  In addition, 15 general purpose IO signals are brought out to header sockets including 7 analog to digital converters and 8 digital IO signals.

Multiple BeagleBox chassis boxes can be stacked.  The box has contoured sides that automatically seat on top of each other.  Additional BeagleBox chassis boxes are available so you can build your own add-on projects.

BeagleBone CPU socket

7-30 VDC power supply built-in

2x RS232, 1x Xbee (UARTs 1, 2, 5)

1x combo RS485 / Xbee (UART 4)


HamStack / Arduino expansion socket

Chassis box

What’s a BeagleBone ?

The BeagleBone is a wildly popular, small, embedded linux single board computer based on the TI Sitara family of chips using an ARM Cortex A8 CPU.  It is the white board in the picture to the right.

The BeagleBone runs many flavors of Linux including Angstrom, Ubuntu, Android, etc.  The CPU board has 512 MB of RAM, ethernet, USB, and a micro SD card as it’s “disk drive” for storage.  

There is also a rich amount of I/O including 4 UARTS, I2C, SPI, A/D converters, and general purpose digital I/O.  The BeagleBone CPU is a product of and produced by CircuitCo.

BeagleBone CPU boards are available from most of the big electronics distributors including DigiKey, Mouser, Newark / Element 14, etc.  We also can supply limited quantities of BeagleBone Black board.


BeagleBone Black

Original BeagleBone “White”

Audio accessory jacks